Laminate is a decorative sheet made with several layers of resin-treated paper, to create a durable, long-lasting and yet stylish finishing for interior furniture, wall panels, table top etc. With a wide range combination of the decorating paper and texture, Toppal has developed a full collection of laminate including anti-fingerprint, emboss wood grain, stone and marble, metalic and more.

Laminate Catalog

Edge Solutions

Our laminate comes with a full range of PVC edge bands to match our laminate surface, to create the perfect outlook and flexibility, avoiding any black lines created while using laminates. Durable but flexible, our PVC edge has superior quality without the concerns of shrink nor expand, creating the seamless look for furniture pieces.

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Our veneers covers natural veneers and engineered wood veneer. Natural wood veneer have huge variety in colours and figure between different logs and thus can offer a unique and natural look to the interior. Engineered wood veneer uses wood that has been subjected to manufacturing processes, to minimize the colour variance and thus is more easy to match interiors and reduce unexpected effects. We import logs of engineered wood from Italy to our warehouse and sliced it to make interior doors or furniture finishes.

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Crystal Acrylic

Acrylic is highly reflective and has a glass-like look while being lighter and more flexible. Acrylic sheet is able to be postformed under certain heat and pressure, to produce round edge profile for cabinet doors. Being smooth and glossy, acrylic is easy enough to clean and hardly leave stains on it, makes it another perfect interior materials for households or offices.

Crystal Acrylic Catalog

Glass Inserts

To provide more options for our clients and designers, all cabinet doors, sliding doors and interior doors can use a combination of materials such as laminate, veneer and glasses. From grounded to transparent, painted or patterns, have a look of our glass inserts collection to enrich the interior look.

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Our cabinet doors come with a variety of handles, including integrated handles, aluminium handles and pulls, we can transform any of our laminates, veneers and acrylic into cabinet doors with your selected handles, processed by our experienced carpenters and latest machinery to achieve the best quality.

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Cabinet doors hinges, drawer slides, soft closing system, all basic hardware necessary for installing cabinet doors and interior doors can be found in our catalog for your convenience.

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Painted cabinet doors and interior doors are traditional but timeless trend for interior designers. Providing a seamless and minimal look with a all kind of colours to match every interior styles.

Painted MDF