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We offer not only laminates but also a wide range of interior materials, including wall panels and table tops. Check out ur product catalogs here and download the most up-to-date version here.

TOPPAL HPL Catalog 2023-2024

Explore our latest laminate collection, with more than 300 designs and patterns including wood, marble, fabric and more.All laminates are odor-free, 99.9% anti-bacterial and certified by GREENGUARD GOLD program.

Interior Doors Catalog 2023-2024

Interior doors are one of the most visible design element of every interiors. In Toppal we provide several materials and finishes to meet different demands, clients can also provide their own designs to custom-made the perfect doors that fit their preference.


A thin but durable material perfect for counter tops and table tops, COMPACT is compressed with several pieces of high quality colour core laminates to achieve a contemporary and seamless look.

CHEVRON Wall Panel 2020

Available in all types of laminates, CHEVRON can transform any TOPPAL laminates into a seamless and featured wall panel backed with plywood back, convenience to apply on wall. No limited height and width, CHEVRON is able to cover all sizes of wall, with affordable price.

Leozen 2020

LEOZEN is a trendy sideboards decorated with solid timber, using a mixture of different materials to create a simple but natural look where people can enjoy the atmosphere of relaxation, and a zen-inspired space.

Plyedge 2020

Plyedge provides a beatuiful and natural look for our interio decorating products, exposing the block board itself as the edge profile and leave it raw, covered with matte water-painted coating for protection.

Master Price List 2022.11

Check out our different products and their listed price.


Acrylic cabinet doors are perfect for those looking for high reflection to create modern and elegant setting. As an alternative to traditional glass doors, acrylic doors are excellent in terms of clarity and durability but lightweight and weatherable with better edgeing in comparison to glass cabinet doors.

Interior Door Price List 2022.01

Download our e-price list here to check out different costs for our interior doors. Price is for reference only, please contact us with your sizes, models and materials for a quotation.

Laminated plywood board 生態板

These laminated plywood board are perfect materials for furniture, saving time and cost of production. The plywood baord are laminated with Toppal laminates to maximise the durability of the products. Order now for the next day delivery.

Certifications and Test Reports

Toppal products are certified by multiple international tests and certification programmes including GREENGUARD. Download all test reports and certifications here.

Test Report for cabinet door hinge













Technical Support

We are happy to support our clients to achieve the perfect effect of our products in their interiors. More information available here to share some tips and data, feel free to contact us if you have any questions to ask.


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